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Medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Figuring out what conditions can benefit from marijuana and the qualifying conditions in your state can be a bit confusing. Medical research is advancing every day, discovering new ways to use marijuana to help improve peoples lives. Check out these ten conditions that commonly qualify for medical marijuana. 1. Seizures Marijuana has been anecdotally reported to help people with seizures for close to 150 years. Recent

Over 12.7 million people each year discover that they have some form of cancer and this number is increasing every year due to genetics, cigarette use, chemicals, and obesity. With so many people suffering from different forms and stages of cancer, it's extremely difficult to know what will work for all cancer patients. However, marijuana has been used in herbal remedies for hundreds of years. This is due to its ability to relieve pain, nausea, and even

As many as 8% of the US population will suffer from PTSD during their lifetimes. That's around 24 million people. For some, PTSD is short-term, requiring months of counseling and support. Others will deal with PTSD symptoms for the rest of their lives. For many of these people, legal pot could offer symptom-relief where conventional treatments have failed. Let's explore some of the science behind using medical marijuana to treat trauma. What is PTSD? PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is

Are you one of the over 100 million Americans currently struggling with debilitating chronic pain? If so, then we're willing to bet you've tried lots of different things -- with varying results -- to try to feel comfortable in your own skin again. Since chronic pain can range in severity and last for over 12 weeks at a time, we understand just how much this disability interferes with your relationships, your work, and your overall happiness. The

5 Steps to Obtain your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card With the Maryland Patient Registry open since April 2017, it is important to understand the steps you must take to get your Maryland medical marijuana card. There are no fees associated with simply acquiring a certification; however, there are fees for requesting an ID card. Discussed below is the process to become legally able to purchase medical marijuana in Maryland. Step 1. Do I have a Qualifying Condition